Entertainment in Chania

Entertainment in Chania
Crete Island Summer

Entertainment in Chania

Chania is famous for the entertainment that offers, particularly during the summer months, for all those people that visit it. The high spirit never stops here! The mood is getting better early in the morning at the beaches and beach bars, that know how to make a suitable atmosphere, so that each visitor can enjoy the Cretan sun and the sea as much as possible.

When the evening comes, enjoy your wonderful dinner in one of the restaurants of the Venetian Port with the view of the Egyptian Lighthouse. An alternative choices for food constitute the taverns that are located in paved zones of the old city of Chania or in the tourist area of Agia Marina.

After the food, relax with a drink in one of the coffee-bars that are hosted in the city of Chania, but also in the area of Agia Marina, having fun with various music genres as jazz, pop, rock and Greek music, depending on the hour and the mood.

The Municipality of Chania organises every summer cultural festival with concerts of classic and modern music, theaters and other events that are carried out in the theatre of Eastern Trench.

Beaches of Chania

Chania is famous for its wonderful beaches with golden sand and crystal-clear blue water. It is a fact that some of the most wonderful and famous beaches of Greece are located in Chania. The visitor can find in Chania well organized beaches with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports, restaurants, taverns and coffee-bars, which provide high quality services or can discover the pure, unexplored beaches.

Within the geographical borders of the Municipality of Chania there are 11 beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag and many other – organized or not – that are worth enjoying them. The total length of organized beaches in Municipality of Chania is about 10 km. Below you can find the most famous beaches of the Municipality of Chania:

  • Agii Apostoli (Blue Flag)
  • Agia Marina (Blue Flag)
  • Agios Onoufrios (Blue Flag)
  • Kalathas (Blue Flag)
  • Kalamaki (Blue Flag)
  • Kalami
  • Loutraki
  • Marathi (Blue Flag)
  • Nea Chora (Blue Flag)
  • Stalos (Blue Flag)
  • Stavros (Blue Flag)
  • Chrissi Akti (Blue Flag)
  • Machairida beach
  • Tersanas
  • St.Stephen beach (Seitan Limani)

Gastronomy in Chania

The traditional dishes that it worth tasting during your stay in Chania are kalitsoynia with spinach, fennel or agriochorta, sfakianes pies, kreatotoyrta, chochlioys (snails) cooked in various recipes, chaniotiko mpoureki, gamopilafo, spaghetti with anthotyro and boiled or ofto (roasted) goat, apaki or sygklino (smoked pork), villager sausages but also fresh fishes and seafoods.

You can accompany them with wild grasses, ntako (Cretan rusk with tomato, rigani, feta and olive oil) and dairy products as Cretan gruyere, mizithra and staka (custard from fresh milk). You should taste xerotigana, that is also the traditional sweet for the marriages. And of course you should clink your glasses with raki, the drink of Cretans. You will find also local wines, local beers and refreshments.

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